Why do cobwebs piss you off so much?

I don’t like them?


They are ugly. Messy.



Why else?

They are symbolic of mortality. The passage of time.

What do you mean?

I mean that when we are not here, cobwebs will be here. There is nothing that we can do about them. Our attempts to stop them are temporary and transitory. It is a futile effort. Cobwebs will out live all of us.

So then why even bother taking up the fight against cobwebs? Why not just accept and embrace them?

Because that is not what humans do. Us humans battle against time. Us humans like to deny time. Pretend like time is not happening. We want to keep our bodies and living environments as unaffected by time as possible. We must create this dream for ourselves in order to deny our mortality. It is what keeps us sane.

Denying our mortality keeps us sane?

In a sense. But it also makes us insane. We are trying to hold back something that can not be held back. We are trying to push aside the inevitable and I believe it was Freud who basically said this is the root of all neurosis.

Trying to push aside time?


Is that why you are so neurotic?

What do you mean?

Are you neurotic because you try so hard to deny the passage of time?

What are you talking about?

You think that you are content with the passing of time. You see yourself as this evolved and aware human being. But the truth is you struggle just like all the rest. You refuse to grow up, which in itself is a denial of time. You are continually trying to keep your house perfectly clean and free of cobwebs. This also is a denial of time. You live in your head, which is a huge way of denying the passing of time and your inevitable mortality. You have a wife who is much younger than you. Plus you are trying so hard to keep everything else together (body, bank balance). You my friend are a huge denier of the passing of time.

Yes. Maybe this is what causes a lot of my anxiety and restlessness. But I would not think of myself as a neurotic.

You are a complete neurotic.


Just ask your wife.

Ok. Maybe I am.

This is why you hate cobwebs so much! This is why if you come home at say 2am and notice a cobweb, even if you are extremely tired, you will go out of your way to get rid of it! People who are not neurotic would not do this! The would not care nearly as much about needing to get rid of cobwebs as you do.

Ok. Maybe this is true. You are saying that the reason why I hate cobwebs as much as I do is because I am neurotic?

That is exactly what I am saying.

(I am moving my head up and down. Stroking my beard. Pondering.)





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