The Marijuana Experiment, Part 2.

You are back so soon.



Well I just felt a rush of anxiety. Phew…. now it has gone down. I think I am ok now, but thought I might freak out.


Yes. It was like a shot of adrenaline.



Paranoia maybe?

Could of been. What I notice is that when any slight stressor seems to arise, I feel more anxious.

What do you mean?

Well I got a text from my father and I immediately noticed my anxiety levels go up. My father drives me nuts. He is a complete nutball. Not only does he compulsively lie to me all the time but all he can do is talk about how great he is (which, is another lie because he is such a miserable man).

So you noticed that you became anxious when reading his text?

Yes. Anxious and angry. I won’t bother you with the situation because there is always a situation with him. I will just say that I know when he is messing with me. When he is lying and bragging and it really bothers me. I just don’t like the man at all and any interaction with him sets me off. This is why I try hard to avoid him.



What else caused your anxiety?

I went on Facebook.

And that made you anxious?

It did. Strange. I suppose it brought up some of my social anxiety. Maybe the mixture between the text from my dad and going on Facebook put a spike in my anxiety. I noticed my heart rate go up. I felt like I could panic but told myself to relax. Told myself everything is fine. Now I feel better.


I know that the paranoia and anxiety lessens over time. A person has to go through the initial uncomfortable stage. I am prepared for some discomfort.

Ok. Maybe you should do some relaxation right now?

Yes. That is a good idea. Just wanted to report this new data from my marijuana experiment.

Thanks. Glad you did. Now go hang out with your wife who is naked in the sun and watering the garden.

I will.




Author: kafkaesque77

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