How To Be A Famous Blogger

No one reads your blog right now. No one.

You may be being a bit hyperbolic here. But if that is what you think, ok.

Don’t you care?

Maybe a bit but not really. I write for myself. This blog is for me to figure things out within myself.

I see. But wouldn’t you like more readers?


Admit it. You would love this blog to blow up and rescue you from having to work your day job as a therapist.

Maybe. It would be nice. But its not going to happen.

It could.


Become one of those self-improvement/self-help gurus. Write about how to better yourself. Write motivational stuff.

Everyone does this. Besides, that is not what I want to do. I know it is helpful for people but I do not want to do that kind of writing. It is kind-of-silly-and-not-very-interesting. These kinds of writers have sold themselves short in a way. But I am glad that they are able to help others. I just don’t really think of it as writing.

Don’t you think you are being a bit pretentious?



I just have standards. I care about the craft of writing. I don’t want to cheapen it and be a self-help, blogging guru. Not how I want to write.

How do you want to write?

Creatively. I want to write literature. Make art.

I see. You think of yourself as an artist. Lucky you. You realize most people who read blogs will not care about this. They just don’t get it. Their brains can not make sense of it. It is not sell-able. Literature is not created on blogs.

I have hope that maybe a few will get it.

But this will get you nowhere! Don’t you think you are selling yourself short? Art doesn’t pay, especially when you are doing it through a blog and not putting any effort into advertising. Common man, smarten up. Think about your financial future. Do some kind of self-help-writing-thing, you can earn a living doing this. And do your art on the side.

Thats just not what it is about for me. More power to those who do it, but not for me. History will forget them. I want to write stuff that will not be forgotten. That will be appreciated a hundred years from now.

You really think any one will care about what you write on this blog a hundred years from now? Common man. People will be reading the stuff that is popular. Not this.

Maybe. I think the work that I am doing may have some lasting value. I am documenting the inner life of one man. That has got to be worth something.

I see. Well good luck with that. You certainly won’t get many readers doing this.

That is ok. Like I said, my primary reason for doing this blog is to work things out within myself.

A blog as a kind of self-therapy?

Yes, that is a good way of looking at it. This is therapy with myself. If no one else reads it, that is ok. I still get something out of it.

But you have no one viewing your site. No one following you. Your blog is a ghost on the internet. Is it really worth it? If you just wrote some motivational-self-help-stuff you will have many more readers.

Yes, this true. I would have more readers. But many writers and artists were unknown in their lifetime. It is the way it goes. It is ok. I almost think that the less people who read what I write, the better off I am.

Bullshit! You know that is bullshit.

Look I don’t like it when you talk to me like that. Its not very nice.

I am just saying that I think you are afraid of being successful. This approach that you take towards blogging is just a result of fear.

Not really. I just want to do it because I enjoy it. Because it means something to me. As long as I feel like I have integrity with this art form, it feels good doing it. If no one reads it- so be it.

I still think you should start a motivational, self-help blog.

I know you do. Thanks for your advice but I am just not interested in that. It is dull and boring. Uninteresting. I am ok with letting others figure their lives out for themselves. I don’t need to get in on the Gold Rush that seems to be going on with self-help blogging. It would be selling myself short.

So you are doing all of this for art?

Yes. This is art.



And you are willing to make no money and have no readers?

If need be, sure.

Ok man. Whatever floats your boat. But I think you are full of shit. Every time you check your stats and you see that no one is reading or following you, you get down. You feel like quitting. I know it bothers you.

I think we are done for now.

You sure? Did I hit a nerve?

Maybe. But I think we are done.

You are nuts.

We are done.


Author: kafkaesque77

It is all on the blog....

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