How To Not Watch Pornography

So you want to watch porn?


So why don’t you just go ahead and watch some?

Because I said I was not going to watch it anymore. At least not for awhile.


Because it is just not good for me. Doesn’t make me feel good about myself.

Really? You watch harmless porn. Nothing out of line or too shocking. Why does it have to be such a big deal?

Because I just don’t want to watch it. I do not like being dependent on it. Someone else is making a lot of money off my dependency. Don’t like that. Also, someone else is planting images in my brain that are causing me to want more and more. That is not a good thing.

It’s not that big of a deal.

Are you here to help me or to encourage me to watch more porn?

Help, of course. Look, I know you had a long, stressful day. I know that porn is a way that you can occasionally blow off some steam. You only watch it for ten minutes or so, so I don’t think it is such a big deal. But I understand your concern.

It would be nice to watch a little porn right now. I love to see sexy naked women doing sexually scandalous things. It is so enjoyable. But at the same time, it decreases my interest in being sexual with my wife. I become more sexually independent and I don’t think this is a good thing when in a relationship. I think porn also causes me to lust after other women more rather than just making the best of the beautiful woman that I am married to.

Yeah, I can see how it would cause you to lust after other women and want to have various kinds of sexual experiences.

Yes. It causes me to become more interested in other women. This can’t be good.

I think it is normal. Natural. But it is true, to make a relationship work sexually, will require some effort. If you are meeting your own sexual needs watching porn, it will make it more difficult to make the effort with your wife.

Yes. I see this. But man I love watching naked women do sexually scandalous things. So much fun. But maybe this is not a good thing. Maybe this is actually potentially harmful to my marriage.

It could be.


If you were having more sex with your wife, then watching porn would not be such a big deal. But because you are not being that sexual with your wife, I actually think it is wise to abstain from porn for awhile. Have more sex with your wife. When you masturbate do it to your imagination. Think of her. Create your own sexual imagery. Have sexual experiences with her and then use these experiences to masturbate. This could benefit your relationship.

Yes, I know. I know. Not as easy as just masturbating to porn but I know I need to do it at least until I can get my sexual interest in her back on track. Not watching porn will force me to do more sexual things with her. Plus- there is nothing noble or flattering about sitting in front of a computer screen with your pants half down, masturbating to pornographic videos on a screen.

It is rather pathetic. A sorry display of human sexuality.


Would masturbating by myself, while imagining sexual things be more noble?

I think so. I think you would feel less shame and less self-disgust as a result.

Yes, I would probably feel better about myself.

So, if you need to go blow off some steam, go think about your wife and masturbate. But no porn for you.

Ok. Fair enough. This was helpful. Thanks.

No porn.

Ok. Got it.

Use your imagination.

Will do.




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