The Benefits Of Taking A Walk

How was your walk?

It was good. Helpful. Thank you for the suggestion.

Sure. I felt like getting out, walking around, getting some sun could help you.

It did.

Still in a bad mood?

Its not so bad now. I am ok. I walked. Listened to a podcast from a guy by the name of Duncan Trussell. I found a soccer ball.

You found a soccer ball?

Yes. That is what I said.

Sorry. Sometimes I do not hear so well.

Yes. I found a soccer ball. I bounced it as I walked. I threw it up in the air and caught it. And I kicked it really hard several times.

That must of been nice.


Kicking it.

Oh yeah. It felt great to just kick the shit out of a soccer ball. It was fun. I kicked it as hard as I could. Didn’t go very far and I may have pulled or sprained a muscle in my leg. Been awhile since I kicked a soccer ball.


Yeah. But it was worth it. Fun to just play around with a soccer ball like I used to do when I was a kid. I don’t think I play around enough.

You don’t really play at all.

Yeah. This is true. I don’t play much. But sometimes when I go for walks and am alone and free, I play around more. This is why walking is good for me. It gives me the space, time and freedom to just play around if I want.


Yeah. I just explore, walk around and play.

That’s nice. It is good for you to do this.

I think so. I like play. It’s good. I feel ok now. Still don’t want to have to go to work and have all these deep, dull and long conversations with people, but I feel better now.

Good. You will get through the day. Just stay present. Don’t identify too much with your ego. When you notice that you are thinking too much, just return your attention back to your breathing. Notice sounds that you are hearing. Feel sensations in your body and let the thoughts go. Just try and be present with what is. Not in the future and not in the past. Just right here.

Yes. That is what I will do. That is what I am doing. I might smoke a little weed to take the edge off.

That is fine. Maybe not the best idea, but if it helps go ahead. Just don’t get too high. You don’t want to be too high while doing psychotherapy with other people.

No I won’t. I never do. Just helps lighten the load and cheer up the mood. When I am slightly high it makes it a little easier to engage and be interested in other people. Makes my job less heavy.

Ok. We can discuss this later. May not be a good long term solution. Just go easy. Try and have fun and play around as you go through the day. Don’t get too sucked into the human condition. Just stay present. Take it easy.

Yeah. I will do so. Talk to you later.

Sounds good.



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