The Poem Killer. Conversation #33.

I didn’t want to kill a poem!

So why did you do it?

I was just trying to be silly.
Your wife was sitting naked in the garden minding her own business. She was deep in thought trying to write a poem. Didn’t you see this?

I did. But she was writing the poem on her iPhone. I didn’t know what she was doing.

But she told you she was writing a poem.


And still you continued to loudly slurp the water you were drinking and you purposefully chewed the bagel with your mouth open making lost of loud chewing sounds.

I was just trying to be silly.

But you know that she hates it when you make loud chewing and slurping sounds.


So you purposefully tried to kill her poem!?


You did not take her writing a poem seriously. You thought it was a joke. As a result you frustrated her and caused her to lose connection with the poem she was writing.

I guess I did. But I didn’t want to kill her poem! That was not my intention!

Well you killed it. You pissed her off so much that she managed to lose her train of thought.

It is Sunday. I was just trying to be silly.

It was not cool man. You were being a jerk.

I was just messing around!

You killed her poem.

I’m a poem killer?

Today your are.

That’s not want I want to be. I left her alone in the garden so she can continue writing. I told her to focus and the poem will come back.

Hopefully it will. Stay away from her for a while. Leave her alone. Let her try and resuscitate the poem.

Ok. I will.

You don’t want being a poem killer hanging over your head.

No I do not.

Not good karma for your literary career.

No. Not at all. The last thing I want to kill is a poem.

Then just shut up. Leave her alone.

Ok. I will go in the house now.

Make the bed.



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