America: Land Of The Mentally Ill. Conversation #38.

You realize that the vast majority of people living in America are mentally ill.

Are you asking or telling me?


I see. And what makes you think this?

I don’t think it. I know it. After working as a psychotherapist for the past fifteen years, I can confidently and without the slightest doubt, reach this conclusion.


Everyone is messed up.

Everyone? Really? Don’t you think that is a bit extreeme?

Why do you think meditation, yoga, psychotherapy, healthy eating, mass consumerism and psychiatric drugs have become so wide spread?


They are all ways that people are trying to deal with their mental illness. Almost everyone in America today has a mental illness, whether they know it or not.

How do you define mental illness?

A state of psychological unwellness. Chronic mental duress.

I see.

And you think most experience this on a regular basis?

Absolutely. The thing about America is that since almost everyone is mentally ill, mental illness has become the norm. This makes it easy to disguise one’s mental illness unless the mental illness is severe. Then this person will stand out.

Like a severe schizophrenic?

Yes. But a mild schizophrenic who is relatively functional and holds a job and/or has money will go relatively unnoticed as being schizophrenic in America.

There is even currently a Psychopathic/Narcissist running for President.

Exactly. Do you need any more proof than that?

A country that has an obviously Psychopath/Narcissist running for President has to be a country where the vast majority are mentally ill. I would say this is pretty good evidence that America is the land of the mentally ill.

Yes. You see, when the vast majority are mentally ill only very few know that they are mentally ill. Since the mentally ill are the masses and since the masses only pay attention to the masses, mental illness becomes normalized.

That is a frightening idea.

Do you think you are mentally ill?

Probably. You see, this is one of casualties of living in a country where the vast majority are mentally ill. Even if you are not one of the masses, even if you are relatively mentally healthy you will experience some degree of mental illness just by having to be surrounded by mentally ill people. It becomes difficult to escape. I think this is why I drink. In fact, I want a whiskey now just from talking about this.

Yes, you should have some whiskey. It is not yet 5pm and you are obviously developing an alcohol problem, but it is Saturday so what the hell.

Yes. What the hell. Why not.



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