Working On Labor Day. Conversation #40.

I hate that I have to go to work today.

You always hate that you have to go to work.

I have always hated work. Never found any kind of paid work that I enjoy.

That is too bad.

Don’t you think this is true for most people?

Probably. I presume that most people hate to work. They do it for the money.

What a terrible way to live a life! To do something for the money.

It is ok to do something for the money I think but there should be some love or at least like in it as well.

Some like or love. Yes. That would be nice. I maybe have 10% like in what I do but certainly no love.

Being a psychotherapist is not a fun gig. I wonder if there are really psychotherapists out there who love their work. If they do love their work they must be pretty banal and troubled human beings.

Probably. Nothing else going for them. There is something fundamentally problematic about being a psychotherapist. I am yet to meet a truly healthy and happy psychotherapist. They are all messed up. Hazard of the trade. But does anyone really love their work?

I think so.

I hope these people know how lucky they are.

They are the minority.

Yes. The vast majority are troubled by having to work.

Yes. And labor day is like a patronizing kiss on the ass. Here you are slaving away all year at work you do not enjoy because you have to do it for the money and we (the government) will give you one Monday off a year where you can celebrate being a laborer (someone who hates their job but does it for the money). Go barbecue on the grill that you bought with money that you earned from laboring your life away at some gig that causes you a lot of pain. One Monday a year. Go have fun kids.


I know. But the masses eat it up. They go to parades. They have parties. They go on vacations. They barbecue. They are so grateful to be given this one Monday off. Thank you Master! Thank you Master! Lets have fellow laborers over. Lets celebrate!



Is this why you have chosen to work on Labor Day?

Yes. I don’t want the governments patronizing handout. I am not falling for it. The way the system is set up stinks and I am not going to pretend like everything is ok by being grateful to be given one day a year where I get to celebrate my servitude.

Servitude to what?

Capitalism. A system that traps you in not doing work that really fills you with meaning because you must work at a more secure profession to support yourself, a family, have health care, pay your rent or mortgage, afford a car and have a decent quality of life.


Well, yes. I would prefer to just continue to slave away. Do what I have to do. Taking a day off to celebrate being a slave just makes no sense to me. It is like taking a day off to celebrate having cancer. No thanks. Having cancer sucks and I will not pretend, even for one minute, that it does not suck. Not even if the government gives me permission to take a day off from chemotherapy and barbecue.

I understand your position. Too bad you just can’t lighten up and fall in line. Too bad you can not just comfortable do what everyone else is doing. Life would be easier for you.

I suppose so.

Maybe the only thing wrong with your life is you.

Maybe. But I have a strong hunch that this is not true. That something is seriously wrong with the fish tank I am swimming around in. Work is painful and I am not going to take a day off and celebrate the pain. Pretend like I am grateful for the pain.

Isn’t this the biblical punishment?

Painful work?

Yes. It is the punishment for Adam and Eve getting kicked out of the Garden of Eden. An eternity of slaving away.

Fuck that. I never liked the bible. Why should I suffer because of some cartoon character’s stupidity. I’m not buying it. Capitalism has built itself on the  back of this bullshit myth and as a result everyone has just accepted that labor should be painful. That this is just the way it is.

Maybe so.

But bullshit. You only have one life. You don’t want to spend too much of it doing something that is painful to do. This is no way to spend a life.

True. So what are you going to do?

I am going to go to work on Labor Day. I am going to deal with the pain and not pretend like it is not there. Let all the other conformists celebrate. Even though it is a lonely and probably futile battle I am not fully giving in. I’m going to work on Labor Day.



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