The End Of This Blog.

I have decided to stop posting on this blog after Conversation #50. There will be three more posts and then I am done. If anyone one is still reading this blog, thank you for reading what I write as disturbing as it may be at times. Good luck in your life.

-the author


Author: kafkaesque77

It is all on the blog....

2 thoughts on “The End Of This Blog.”

  1. Hey, man.
    I just ‘stumbled’ upon your blog. And, I want to thank you for writing this because at this particular moment (when I feel so unsettled and disturbed), reading stuff here was quite settling feeling.

    Good luck!


    1. Thank you. I really appreciate the comment. This is or was the point of this blog. To help the disturbed (including myself) feel less disturbed. Glad it was helpful. Good luck to you as well.


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