College Campus Rape. Let The Kids Have Fun. A Quick Conversation.

Can I be honest with you?

Of course.

I wish society and the legal system would leave these college kids alone. I think that college students should be allowed to rape whomever they want. Whether it is a young woman raping a young man or a young man raping a young woman, leave the kids alone. Let them have fun!

What? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard you say! Do you really believe what you are saying? You have got to be kidding me.

I’m serious. Look, Americans are so incredibly sexually repressed that rape is a natural outgrowth of this repression. Rape is a societal issue, not an individual one. American societies immense sexual inhibitions, repressions and taboos have created college campus rape. Rape is a natural response to this repression. It is sexual desire that is too powerful to be repressed.

I dont disagree with you here but to advocate for letting college students rape one another, that is nuts! Absolute absurdity.

I am advocating for letting college students have fun.

Fun? Are you nuts.

Yeah let the kids have fun.


When a person is young their sexuality is so strong. Hormones are knocking down biological doors. The desire to fuck in a young person is the strongest force in the universe. Repressing this is where American society has gone wrong. Some other societies do not do this as intensely as we do in America. Let these college kids have fun! Let them act out their animal and sexual aggression! Don’t fill them with so much guilt and shame because of giving into a powerful energy that is very natural.

I agree that a young person’s sex drive is one of the most powerful forces in the universe but to advocate for letting college students rape one another is absurd. Kids need to learn self control. How could you ever have a civilized society under these conditions? How…..

Why does civilized have to mean repressed?

Whatever. It is absurd. Young people have a right to feel safe and protected. If we just “let the kids have fun,” it could be complete anarchy. No one would be safe. College campuses would be very dangerous places with rapists lurking in the bushes.

So what. Let them college campus be a dangerous place. Let the kids learn how to survive on their own. This should be the point of college. To learn and gather knowledge but to also learn how to survive in the world. Maybe by letting young adults rape one another there would no longer be rape.

This is absurd. I don’t want to have this conversation anymore. I think you are a madman advocating for college rape. You have lost all parts of your rational mind.

Maybe so. I’m just sick of seeing all the pity and sadness for the victim and the hate, anger and punishments for the aggressor. It is ridiculous. Grow up! This is how life is in the wild. Stop needing the diaper of society to protect you. Stop giving the legal system so much power to repress natural human behaviors. The young aggressor is just acting upon a very natural biological energy that is alive in them and should not be demonized for giving in to it. Being a victim is also a very natural phenomena. There are victims in nature all the time. Survival of the fittest. It is just the way it goes.

You are losing it. Maybe you should start smoking marijuana and watching pornography again. You are not thinking straight. And it is frightening to think that you are a psychotherapist who works with young people. What kind of ideas are you putting into their minds!?



I thought I could be honest with you without getting so much crap.

You can be honest with me but when you start advocating for letting young adults rape one another…….

I am just advocating for let the kids have fun.

Whatever. That is absurd. I am done now.



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