How To Be Unhappy

 Why are dogs so gross? These people are all idiots. Today is the day that I am going to hang myself. My life lacks all kinds of stimulation. That stupid squirrel needs to shut up. Your feet smell like shit. I don’t want to do anything today. I want to be left alone. I can’t believe tomorrow I must go back to work again. All of this sucks. The house is a mess. Why is my fucking desk wobbling when I write. The noise is driving me nuts. People all need to go to hell. None of them are any good. We are all slaves. I’m tired of picking up dog shit. I don’t want to do anything anymore. I am tired of talking. You are a loser. We are all losers. Where are you going? Why don’t you want to hang around me? Wait a second. Stay here a bit longer. Come back.

 These are just some of the ways in which you need to think to be unhappy. You see, it takes a lot of work to be happy. But to remain unhappy is a lot harder. Only the strong can survive unhappiness. Everyone else will try and be happy. They will not be able to take the negativity any longer. They will pay thousands of dollars to hear Tony Robbins speak. They will spend hundreds of dollars on self-help books, therapists and workshops. All because they cannot take being unhappy anymore. It is too much. Too painful to bare.

To stay unhappy takes work. We are currently living in an age where The Cult of Happiness is taking over. Be happy. Be positive. Make your life into something you are proud of. Be the best you that you can be. Live your dream. Be grateful and love all that you have. I am beautiful. Love your fellow human being. You are the creator of your life. Manifest what you want. These are the kinds of articulation this cult makes. If it works for a person I don’t want to take that away from them even though I know it is all a lie. A fabrication. A belief system predicated on bullshit. The Cult of Happiness is an escape from the miserable reality of all of our lives.

To be unhappy means to confront the reality of life without numbing or dumbing it down. To be unhappy is to be honest about the elephant that is always in the room. There is nothing progressively creative about happiness. Continual happiness and positivity does nothing but dumb us down. This is why corporations and governments have embraced the Cult of Happiness with open arms. The pursuit of happiness and positivity is the perfect way to sell people something and to control them. Take Viagra or Lexapro and be the best you can be. Feel good again. I would trust a company that says something like: Life sucks. This shit is hard. Here is something that might help.

To be unhappy takes work. People are continually turning away from you. People are continually getting upset with you. People are continually thinking that you do not appreciate the life you have (the unhappy person appreciates life far more than any happy person ever could. This is why they are so unhappy- they value life and are unhappy about the artificial and enslaved life society is forcing them to live). People see you as a miserable person. Somehow failing to fully live your life. I don’t know when this phenomenon started but somehow in the eyes of the living when a person passes away if those left living can say- but he/she was happy in their life, this makes everything ok. What a bunch of bullshit. If a person was happy in their life, chances are they were just one more anesthetized and checked out human being. To be unhappy requires an independent strength since everyone else will think you are doing something wrong. Everyone will think you are somehow failing to fully take advantage of your life. What a bunch of shit. This is exactly what the unhappy person is trying to do- take full advantage of living their life despite everything that prevents them from doing so. Despite living in a society where everyone is conditioned and enslaved and eventually will get sick and die, a person who can still be happy all the time is just not that smart.

To be unhappy does require a lot of work. First you need to be willing to always state how you feel. If you do not want to always state how you feel you must be willing to remain quiet. Positive people love to talk. They love to tell everyone how much they love telling everyone how happy they are. If you are unhappy you need to be ok with alarming and upsetting happy people with the things you say or keep your unhappiness to yourself. I recommend keeping your unhappiness to yourself since no one else will understand (unless you are fortunate enough to befriend an other authentically unhappy person). The Cult of Happiness is everywhere. It has recruited everyone to its main cause– to get everyone to think and feel the same happy things. But you see, a person cannot be consistently happy or unhappy. So if you are a member of The Cult of Happiness you will always be striving to keep happiness around and this will require a large chunk of your denial and hard earned money. If you are unhappy you don’t give a shit. When you are miserable and in despair, such is life. When you are happy and not in despair, cool. THE UNHAPPY PERSON ACCEPTS LIFE AS IS. THE HAPPY PERSON IS ALWAYS STRIVING FOR MORE HAPPINESS.

I am miserable right now. I fell an unpleasant pressure inside of myself. The day before the return of Monday. Who could be happy with Monday on the horizon? You want the truth? Life is so unsatisfying for us all. I wish we could all just admit that and get on with things. I wish we could just sit around and talk about how miserable we are. All this talk about potential, living fully and how great things are just bores me. I want to hear about how unhappy you are! I want to live in a world where when I go to the market the cashier says, Have a fucking miserable day. Then maybe I will feel happy because I am so unhappy and know that so are you.


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