FINAL STATUS UPDATE #1: I can’t do this anymore. I put so much out there and get so little back. I put such effort into each of my Status Updates. I think about them and try to make them as beneficial to others as I can. But I get nothing. Or very little. Just a few likes. Mostly none. I see other people who get tons of likes and loves on everything they post. These people post nothing special but everyone loves all their Status Updates. I just don’t understand. I post stuff and it’s like a drop of water falling into a large lake. Not even a ripple. I feel underappreciated and discouraged. My on-line presence does not seem to matter to anyone. Sometimes I will get something back from others but it is usually like giving a piece of bread to a starving person. It just doesn’t do the trick. I quit.

FINAL STATUS UPDATE #2: Um…..I know that I said I quit the Facebook Status Update thing last night but I was wondering if I could have my Facebook Status Update status back?

FINAL STATUS UPDATE #3: I don’t know what the point of this is. Why do I keep updating my status several times a day? Why do I keep thinking about what I will write for my Status Updates as I am walking down a street or eating dinner with my wife? My Facebook Status Updates seem to be taking over my entire mind. This can’t be healthy. Facebook cannot be healthy thing for all of us to be doing. I should not be doing this anymore. I put all this effort into each of my Status Updates but no one says anything. Why do I do it? What is the point? It is not like getting “Likes” or “Loves” from other people is in any way going to improve my life. Every time I post something I just become uncomfortably aware of how insignificant my on-line presence really is. What is the point of all this? I just can’t do it anymore. I am done.

FINAL STATUS UPDATE #4: I know that I said I was done yesterday, but maybe I was a bit too hasty. I hope you will give me another chance. Maybe Facebook Status Updates are important to me. Maybe I need to be able to express myself in this kind of social way. My wife tells me that it is good for me to try and connect with others in an authentic way. If I am honest in my Status Updates, then others can know how I really feel. This could be good for me and maybe I should not write it off just yet. I am back everyone!

FINAL STATUS UPDATE #5: So this is really not working out for me. I think it is a complete waste of time. I used to read books. I used to make art and write fictional stories. I used to exercise. Now I don’t do any of those things anymore. Whatever free time I have, I am on Facebook most of the time. I am leaving Status Updates that no one seems to respond to. I am reading other people’s Status Updates and scrolling through the news feed. I am getting upset about how much attention other people’s Status Updates receive. I am clicking on various links that people post. This is how I am spending my time and I don’t know that it is a good thing. My wife does the same thing and we don’t talk with one another much anymore. We certainly don’t have sex much anymore. What is going on here? What the hell are we all doing? I don’t hang out with people anymore. Instead, I connect on Facebook. This can’t be a good thing! I don’t want this anymore in my life. It’s not healthy. I am done. I am out. Once I post this FINAL STATUS UPDATE I will delete the Facebook App from my phone. Goodbye everyone. It has been fun but I must call it a day. Take care!

FINAL STATUS UPDATE #6: I know it has only been a few days but I have had a change of heart. Since I quit Facebook I have felt lonelier. I miss my friends. I no longer get to see the people that I have become used to seeing everyday on Facebook. I like a lot of you and I was thinking that if I quit Facebook I will never again be in touch with most of you, if not all of you. Once I go off Facebook you are all dead to me and this makes me sad. It is important to have friends in your life and most of my friends are here. In my non-Facebook life, I am a loner. I hang out with my wife and my dogs. But on Facebook I get to see everyone whom I have been friends with for years. I get to stay in touch with all of you and that is a special thing. So I am not ready to end my relationship with all of you. I don’t want to let all of you go. I know that a lot of you don’t acknowledge my Status Updates, but that is ok. This is a good way for all of us to stay in touch so if you don’t mind I think I will hang out around here for a while.

FINAL STATUS UPDATE #7: Facebook is just not working out for me. I know it has been only a week since I have been back but this is just not working. I already have enough anxiety in my life, do I need more? I just don’t understand why most people do not seem to respond in any way to my Status Updates. It is as if most of you are ignoring me. Are you guys pissed off at me? Do you not like me? Why do you never respond to my Status Updates? This passive aggressive behavior is driving me nuts. There are several people on Facebook whom I think I am close friends with but none of you ever say anything with regards to my Updates. I just don’t get it. Everything I post it feels like I am met with complete silence. I appreciate those few of you who “Like” or “Love” some of the things I post. I appreciate the few comments that I occasionally get (especially the ones that are not trying to be funny). I really do. But most of you are silent. What is going on here? If you are pissed off at me just tell me. If you don’t like my Status Updates, then let me know. Being met with this kind of stonewalled silence from all of you drives me nuts. What is the point of posting all the time and none of you ever say anything? I just can’t do this anymore. It is really stressing me out. Plus, do we all really need to be in touch anymore? It is not like I ever see any of you in person (I will probably never see most of you in person ever again). We may have been friends at one time but do we still really need to be in touch? Isn’t it ok that friendships end? That we all move on and out of each other’s lives? This staying connected through Facebook just doesn’t seem like a healthy thing. I don’t want to do it anymore. I quit.

FINAL STATUS UPDATE #8: I know I said I wasn’t going to do this anymore. I am not going to do this anymore. This is my FINAL STATUS UPDATE. I am now going to become what my wife calls a “Lurker.” I just wanted to let those of you know who care, that I will still be checking in on Facebook. I am not ending my relationship with all of you. We can still stay in contact through the Facebook Messenger. I will just not be posting anymore Status Updates. I am not doing that anymore. Done playing that game. Done trying to get your attention. But I will be checking back in to Facebook a few times a week so if any of you want to stay in touch with me just go ahead and message me. Thanks everyone.


Author: kafkaesque77

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3 thoughts on “FINAL STATUS UPDATE”

  1. I was a FB user for about 8 years and it wasn’t until the last few years that I started to dislike it and continually unfriend some and hide others. What people posted to FB was a drain on my energy and I slowly stopped posting anything of any importance. As soon as I started writing again, on a regular basis, FB completely lost it’s appeal and I just deleted my account after posting a status update that I was deleting my account (no one liked or responded). Once I removed the distraction, my writing became more important and the substance of my posts started getting deeper and more involved. FB is the example of how society can be brainwashed into thinking that the shallow surface is all there is to life and ignores anything below. There is so much depth to people that FB can’t show you no matter how hard you try, a depth that needs to be found through physical and social interaction. I don’t miss FB, even after several months and my wife showing me posts she finds amusing. I saw FB for what it was, a monster of anti-social and anti-physical behavior. I’m okay with the fact that I have more meaningful interactions with people on WordPress through my anonymous blog than I ever did on FB with alleged friends.

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  2. fb is the new tv. based on your blog im guessing your fb statuses are not what the typical fb user is looking for. what is the typical fb user looking for? human interest crap from local tv, but global.

    whats wrong with human interest crap? nothing, except that its “filler” for a medium that is already made of filler, so its meta-filler. dont look back. 🙂 cheers.

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