What The Hell Is Wrong With Being A Liberal?

I’m a liberal, although I don’t use that word much. Sometimes I have to remind myself that yes, I am a liberal. You could probably call me a liberal, liberal. Very liberal, meaning- just leave people alone and let them do what they want as long as they are not acting like angry idiots.

Recently in the news and while hanging around other people I have heard a lot of negative assessments of liberals. Liberals are failing. Liberals are not doing anything. Liberals need to get their acts together. Liberals are responsible for the mess America is currently in. Those irresponsible liberals. Liberals, liberals, liberals. The liberal criticisms seem to go on and on.

I don’t take these criticisms personally, because I am a liberal. But I cannot help think that people fail to understand what being a liberal really means.

The most important aspect of being a liberal is not caring what other people think. Ok, you feel that way? Fine. A liberal respects other people’s right to think and believe whatever they want. A liberal does not interfere. We respect other people’s human right to be free. All we really ask is that you keep your IQ above a certain level.

We may not agree, some liberals may even protest against certain freedom restricting thoughts and beliefs of others, but liberals always respect another person’s right to think what they want. Even a Hitler or Trump character is free to think what they want as long as they agree to not act like an angry idiot.

This is why liberals tend to have more fun than everyone else. We are not hung up on ideas of right or wrong. God, I mean good or bad. Sin or purity. It is well known in Human Psychology that no one likes the person who is having more fun than everyone else. Humans have a predisposition towards resenting those other humans who are having an easier and more enjoyable time at life than they are. Such is the nature of the greedy human animal. It always wants more of what it does not have.

Liberals prefer to let other people do what they need to do. Liberals are not haunted by a personal God who follows them around and continually instructs them on how to live a righteous life. A liberal follows his/her own inner compass of integrity and justice. We decide for ourselves what feels right and wrong. Want to have sex with that person? Go ahead. As long as everyone is having their personal freedom respected.

Whenever this inner compass feels like it is being thrown off by someone else’s lack of integrity and justice- liberals have been known to protest. This is why liberals are often the ones holding signs that say things like: This Sure Beats Working For A Living, All Marriages Are Equal, Tired Of Carrying Signs, Pull Out, You Can’t Fix Stupid But You Can Vote It Out, I Hate Crowds, Build A Wall Around Trump I Will Pay For It, Nasty Women Unite, I Am Holding A Sign. But the degree of injustice (taking away another person’s fundamental human rights) and lack of integrity must become extreme before most liberals hit the streets. My Arms Are Tired.

Most liberals just want to live their lives. They want to be left alone to do what they want to do. They do not want any God, politician, police officer or man-made religious decrees telling them how they should live their lives. A liberal has little need for this. Liberals find their own intellectual way and are guided by ideas of human decency, self-reliance, integrity, intelligence, justice.

Liberals respect other people’s right to do whatever they want as long as they are not hurting anyone else. We understand how to live a good life without needing to be told. We get it, now leave us in peace.

A liberal just wants to be left alone to enjoy their life. They do not want to tell others what they should or should not do. Let people be free, is the main idea of liberal ideology. Liberals can drink, have sex, go to wild and fun parties, say whatever they want, live authentically, do what they want. Other (more restricted, repressed and ideological uptight) people do not seem to like this.

These other people (which, are most Americans) seem to believe you should have a more principled, structured and restrictive way in which you live. To hell with that. I try and stay as far away from these ideas as possible. These ideas are time bombs just waiting to go off.

No thanks. I will keep doing what I want and let these other people be free as well. I will keep to my liberal self and stay out of the way of these more restrictive and ideological people. You don’t have to worry about a liberal. You never hear of a liberal shooting or blowing anyone up. Liberals don’t start wars or go on rampages. We don’t have time for that- we have too many books to read! It is some of the more restrictive and uptight ideological folks who seem to do that sort of thing.

A liberal does have an ideology. It is impossible to live in society without being ideological. Even the depressed person who refuses to get out of bed is practicing an ideology of despair and sadness.

A liberal is highly principled but they do not fly their principles from their front door step. A liberal believes that everyone should be allowed to be free. Everyone should be left alone to live how they want to live their lives (preferably they would watch much less television and read more good novels). Do not interfere with other people’s business, is what a liberal believes. And please stop flying those ridiculous flags from your car but if you need to, go ahead I guess.

Liberals don’t need guns. We don’t need uniforms, wars, bombs or badges. We don’t need ideological and religious belief systems or political smart talk. We don’t even really need newspapers, bureaucracies or mainstream media outlets (although some liberals are media junkies). A liberal just needs good books, a feeling of deep integrity, a glass (or a bottle) of wine, some good music, a nice garden to care for, maybe a joint every now and then, a day or two a week to do whatever they want and a few other intelligent, non-gun owning and creative people to hang around with.

So what the hell is wrong with being a liberal?


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