Lazy Girl, Lazy Girl, Lazy Girl.

Lazy girl, lazy girl, lazy girl.

You are one of the greatest sources of stress in my life and I love you so much.

But sometimes I feel like I hate you. It is your laziness that I do not like.

You seem more than willing to neglect the more important things in your life. You will do just enough to get by but then you want to retreat into your rabbit hole.

You get angry when I tell you to get off Instagram. You get pissed off when I say you sleep in too much. You do not want to hear about how I think you neglect developing your career or tending to your health. Oh no lazy girl, you just want me to let you be so you can do what you want.

But it drives me nuts lazy girl because I can not help but think you are neglecting everything important in a well lived life. Just because certain things are hard, is no reason to jump into your comfortable hole.

I wish I did not get so upset about your lazy ways, lazy girl. I wish I could just leave you alone. Let you be. So what if you neglect your health, taking care of your garden, your relationship, your closet, your house, your car. Why do I care that much? It is not like you are that bad, right lazy girl?

I don’t think so. I think you let so much slip away. You would rather spend hours lost in a smart phone rather than tending to what needs to be done. You would rather let your body lose its shape and your health lose its vigor than deal with the effort required to maintain these things. I know lazy girl- you just want to have fun. If it requires effort, you will do just enough to make it look like you are not letting everything go.

It drives me nuts. I hate lazy girl. Lazy girl is not good for me because she stresses me out and does not push me to be a better man myself. Lazy girl does not care what I do. Lazy girl leaves me alone to “be myself.” If I don’t exercise, if I drink too much, if I don’t pay bills, if I am depressed, if my health is going to shit- lazy girl does not seem to care. She does not say anything about it.

Lazy girl just wants everyone to get along and enjoy life. Do what you want, forget about it and leave me alone. Lazy girl prefers things being easy and sometimes confronting a person about how they are letting themselves go can be hard. It can be very stressful especially when you confront lazy girl because lazy girl doesn’t want to hear it. She wants to be left alone. My anger stresses lazy girl out and lazy girl does everything she can to avoid feeling any kind of stress.

How many times have you checked Instagram today lazy girl?

I don’t know what to do lazy girl. I love you so much, but man you are really stressing me out. My hair is falling out. My digestion is off. I am always tired and feeling unwell. You always tell me what is the big deal. Why are you getting so upset. Just leave me alone. But lazy girl, see what the stress you do not want to face is doing to me?

But then why do I care so much? Why can’t I just let lazy girl be lazy girl? Why can’t I just put my ideas about how I think a productive and healthy person should be to rest. Why can’t I just leave lazy girl alone to be lazy girl? I can pick up the slack. I can try and just take care of myself. I can make an effort not to be a lazy guy. Why do I have to care so much that lazy girl is choosing to wake up in the morning and go right on her smart phone?

Because it drives me nuts!

A person should be more focused on the important things in their life! A person should take care of their health! Walk their dogs! Tend to their garden! Make their partner the priority! Tend to their house! A person should not do just enough to get by and then let everything else slide!

But lazy girl does not want to hear this. If I tell lazy girl this she starts to cry. Her tears are not tears of sadness, they are tears of rage. Lazy girl wants to be left alone. Lazy girl does not want to be told that she is being lazy girl. Lazy girl can not handle having her flaws pointed out to her. This is why she is lazy girl after all. Lazy girl doesn’t want to deal with the difficulties that are unavoidable aspect of living a healthy and disciplined life.

Lazy girl just wants me to leave her alone. Lazy girl just wants to have fun. Lazy girl wants to take off her clothes, have a cocktail (or three) and invite everyone to jump in. Fuck tomorrow, lazy girl thinks. Lets play today.



Author: kafkaesque77

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