“Boogie ALL Night Baby!” 87.1 FM Radio.

Lingering abbreviations meandering into nuanced sounds. Upside down triangles merging underwater into outsider gangs filled with twenty-four-year-old-men terrorizING underwear and bras. Residents feel upset and so do I about the three-legged dogs menacing neighborhoods with words that spin in circles and makes no sense but loop around in midair, at-all-times.

Why do I wander or wonder like this when time is just an abbreviated form that leads absolutely nowhere but prison houses and suffocated locations where mind is crunched and scrunched into mediocre expressIONS that are without abstract form.

NEWS UPDATE: absent people wander streets in bodies which are empty shells. Nothing inside but cell phone updates and pre-programmed identities mostly made from text messages, emails, status updates and things that need to get done. I repeat, absent people wander or wonder streets and are all around and are taking over city and country streets. Bureaucrats and business people, meaning people seeking to control minds by creating absent people. This is Randall Sokoloff reporting for Nobody News. Please stay safe out there! Now back to you Tabitha.

Orchestrated underpants moving through secret chambers while masturbating on wine stained sheets carried away by maids who stick nose and face in them. You see, underworlds are wonderful when filled with wine and weed. Ants speak through radio transmissions that inform under-educated operatives that they must move away from text messages and emails and all things internet if they want to not become absent people. Open the books and laugh and rewire mind away from ordinary constructs by deviating from norm, deviated from all things contemporary and instead boogie down in underworlds made of salt, weed and wine where upside down antics are indulged in all day and night.

This is KLUV 87.1 FM radio where you hear sounds of simulated in underpants and upside down dancing on walls while submitting to sexual abbreviations that return soul to body with penis or breast in mouth and deciding which way to go or what to do next. Only on 87.1 FM radio baby will you find these outsider antics steeped in wine and logic of centuries and space and extraterrestrial characters dictating super human forms where you can boogie all night baby!


Author: kafkaesque77

It is all on the blog....

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