I Want Porn!

Sorry. I don’t mean to bother you again. Can we just talk about one more thing quickly?


I want to watch pornography! My wife is out tonight. It is Saturday night. I am home alone and horny. I want porn!

Ok. But I thought you decided to lay off the porn for awhile?

I did. It has been several weeks.

How is it going?

Masturbating to images in my head is just not the same. I want to see naked girls doing all kinds of scandalous, sexual things.

I understand. Why did you want to take a break from porn?

I thought it would help me want to have sex with my wife more.

Has it worked?

No. I also felt pretty degraded by masturbating in front of a computer screen to these pornographic videos. Felt pretty pathetic.

You had shame around it?

Yeah. I am not happy about it. I know I should not feel bad about it, but I did not feel good about myself because of watching porn.

I see.

But I miss the girls. Every night I am home now. My night life has vanished. I used to be with different women, hang out in strip clubs and have all kinds of fun sexual experiences. Now I am just home, night after night. I am in a sexless marriage (for the time being) and it is just getting dull. I need to see some breasts! I need to see a naked lady and get off to her doing kinky things! I need some kind of sexual stimulation!

I understand. It is how you have fun. It is how you blow off steam.


But I would stick with the pornography break. It has only been a few weeks. Maybe the break will lead to good things. Maybe it will cause you to have more kinky, sexual experiences in real life. Maybe it will help you to feel better about yourself.

Its been a few weeks and none of that is happening yet.

Still give it some time. If a month has gone by and there is no change, then start watching porn again. For now, I would go into your bathroom, use your imagination and blow off some steam that way.

My imagination is just not that much fun. I only have so many images that I can use. Pornography gives me endless images and I don’t have to create any of them!

I understand. But being low on your own pornographic image stock may drive you to create more images of your own. I say stick with it a while longer. The longing, the desire- this is good of you. Could force you to do various sexual things you may not be driven to do if you watch porn.

Like have sexual experiences with my wife?

Yes. She is ok with you having a lover, so maybe you will seek out a sexual partner as well.

Maybe, but that is a lot of work.

Yes, but laying off the porn might give you the drive.

Ok. I will stick with the pornographic sobriety. I will continue to suffer from not getting to get off to various naked women doing all kinds of delightful kinky things.

It’s ok. You have certainly had your time. You have gotten off to plenty of porn. Time to try something different.

Man I just want to see a pair of breasts. Bare legs not obscured by pants or a dress. Sodomy. Two women kissing. Girls in their underwear. Girls in the back seat of a car doing scandalous things. But ok. I will wait it out and once again go masturbate into my bathroom sink.

Good idea.

Am I a disturbed man?

That is enough for now ok? I want to go back to reading my book.

Ok. Well, thanks.